Sydney Smith-Marlowe

Sydney Smith-Marlowe

Sydney Smith-Marlowe

Sydney Smith-Marlowe resides in western Loudoun County, Virginia with her husband, Dave. She loves the character and quality of life in this part of the county, as well as the Northern Virginia region as a whole. A real “people person,” she is a driven and committed advocate in helping her clients achieve their real estate goals. In fact, she feels like she almost becomes part of the family and deeply cares about their happiness.

Before becoming a Realtor®, Sydney worked for nearly 20 years at a national animal welfare organization. While there, she developed a keen interest in real estate and land development, particularly in terms of how new development affects the natural environment. She is a proponent of “Smart Growth” planning and development that preserves rural and agricultural land and wildlife habitat wherever possible. These beliefs led her to receive a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Maryland. She has co-authored model wildlife and development planning guidelines for several Maryland municipalities.

With such a long career in the nonprofit world, Sydney believes in giving back to the community. She volunteers with Friends of Loudoun County Animal Services, helping with their website and marketing efforts. She is committed to donating 5% of each net sales commission to one of her personal favorite local nonprofits, or to a charity of her clients’ choosing.

Sydney has also served as the general manager of a Loudoun County artisanal winery. Wine, animals (especially senior dogs), and helping people achieve their dreams of the perfect home are her key passions.

Let Sydney help you and your family find the home that is just right for you!

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