Marc Piard

Marc Piard

Marc Piard

Marc was born in France and raised in Colorado. Although coming to the USA as a baby, his combined French, and Western heritage has greatly influenced who he is.

Marc is a Real Estate sales agent for Pearson Smith Realty. Right off of the bat, Marc has had great success generating leads, and developing personal relationships. He often says that Real Estate is his calling, and only wishes that he had discovered this passion earlier.

After working as an account manager in wine for almost ten years, something was missing in Marc’s life. He found himself going through the motions but was lacking excitement and passion.

After the death of his mother in 2017, Marc realized that life is too short to waste doing something he no longer enjoyed. What Marc really wanted was to help people.

It was his wife of five years, Coco that came up with the Idea of Real Estate. Going through the purchase of buying their first home, Marc really enjoyed the entire process, even though the agents Coco and Marc had (with the exception of their final agent) were horrible.

After discussing it Marc decided that he could provide better service, and do something that would give his life fulfillment.

Marc now has a renewed purpose and drive. He wakes up excited to take on all the new challenges that await him, and knows that he will deliver excellent service, and help his clients fulfill their dreams!

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