Janine Newman

Janine Newman

Janine Newman

Hi, my name is Janine Newman. Making a decision on whether to buy or sell a home is one of the most important decisions to be made in our lifetime. Location, community, economic trends, market values and proximity to work are all factors that go into this life changing decision. I entered this field with the sincere desire to help people, like you, make good choices, weigh options with accurate information, live comfortably and invest successfully.

Trust and communication are essential when establishing a relationship with an agent. For that reason, I thought I’d give you some information on who I am and what led me to my career decision to enter the Real Estate world.

I have lived in Fairfax County for more than 25 years, both renting and owning properties in Bailey’s Crossroads, Arlington, Alexandria and Herndon. Currently, I live in the Oak Hill area of Herndon with my husband of 30 years. We have raised two grown children who also live in the area.

My background ranges from dental hygiene to education, with stints in government administration and entrepreneurship along the way; I owned Mrs. Newman’s Gourmet Desserts for 12 years. My initial interest in Real Estate was sparked in the mid-90’s, as I assisted my mother-in-law with the sale of one of the Catskill Mountain’s legendary resorts. I also contributed to her success and witnessed her incredible work ethic; she was an established agent/broker in upstate New York. Those experiences, combined with my growing interest in real estate and, specifically, property values in Northern Virginia, led to furthering my education and my partnership with Pearson Smith Realty.

I study the local market continually in order to provide both buyers and sellers researched information and realistic advice. I approach every transaction as if I were helping a family member. I am open, honest, and provide key details to my clients every step of the way. My passion for your happiness will become obvious upon our first meeting or interview, as I am dedicated to achieving your goals.

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