Fred Blycher

Fred Blycher

Fred Blycher

Loyalty and trust have always been hallmarks of Fred Blycher.

Loyalty: Fred doesn’t demand loyalty, he gives it. Friends from childhood continue to be friends today. He still works with companies he established business relations with 25 – 30 years ago. It’s simply a major part of who he is.

Once you become Fred’s client, you learn of his loyalty. He fights to get you the home best suited to your needs, or to sell your house for the best price. “I’m not merely working to get a good deal on a transaction,” says Fred. “My goal is to build a relationship with the client that transcends our business arrangements and results in a lasting friendship. Clients I’ve had for 30 years are still my friends. For me, that’s the only way to do business.”

Trust: When Fred spent summers in Maine as a teenager, working as a captain on a charter sailboat, adults – some with children, others many times his age – put their trust in a young man whose skills and knowledge would safely take them to sea and back. When he ran his million dollar delivery company for over 30 years, clients trusted him with valuable documents and products that required careful handling and on-time delivery to their destinations.

Fred notes, “My clients trust I have the knowledge to meet their real estate needs, and they learn I will be aggressively loyal to them, always working in their best interests.”

To earn their trust, Fred is exceedingly responsive from the moment anyone calls with a real estate question or issue. “A real estate transaction often involves the largest financial and emotional investment in a person’s life, and my clients soon learn I respond when they reach out to me and take action to ensure they receive an outcome that’s best for them.”

As a Northern Virginia real estate agent with Pearson Smith Realty, Fred has, with the exception of his teenage summers in Maine, lived and worked his entire life in the Northern Virginia and Loudoun County area and, with his previous business background, he knows the communities and neighborhoods better than most other area natives.

Today, as empty-nesters, he and his wife Lynn enjoy the deep roots they’ve planted in the Leesburg area. “I’ve always been active in the community,” says Fred. “Whether it was presiding over a non-profit, coaching my kids’ sports teams or participating in church activities and the Boy Scouts, I’m as loyal to my community as I am my clients.

Fred enjoys golfing, traveling and exploring the area, and hopes to one day return to his passion for sailing, where the values of loyalty and trust were ingrained into who he is today.

To contact Fred about your Northern Virginia real estate needs, call or text him at 703-928-5592.

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